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Worst Mission Ever



Mars had much to think about when this was over. He knew he was in deep, possibly lethal trouble, but he was also oddly calm about it. It surprised him, emboldened him. What else could he do?

But it wasn’t wise to stir Sunstar’s wrath… Lord Sunstar’s wrath further. Especially not with the surviving half of the Deus surely within earshot.

Mars lowers his eyes, and bows. “Forgive my my liege. These past few years have been strange, and I find myself questioning many things. But your commands should never be among them.” He straightens. “I will follow your orders as always, even those I have yet to understand. And when this event has concluded I will humbly accept punishment for my actions.”

He hoped that sounded convincing.

Terra on the other hand wasn’t so calm. He couldn’t think of a time- remember more like it- when Sunstar’s wrath was pointed at him. He remained still, not even a tremor showed, but his eyes were wide with anxiety and fear. How could Mars be so calm about this?! He returns to his bow, if only to not see those burning eyes. He could feel them either way. 

"My deepest apologies, my Lord. Once again I have no excuse for my behavior." He swallows before continuing. "And also humbly accept the punishment you deem fit for my actions." He already was scolding himself. Sunstar’s right hand, yet questioning and dishonoring his rank and his Lord!

Both saying Saturn should have been in charge, and accused of having no faith cut the Terran deeply. 

Sunstar nods at Mars, he knew the other was most likely just trying to de escalate the situation, and he could appreciate that. “It is okay for me to break you out of your comfort zone, Mars. But not Terra.” He promises. 

"Your punishments are to finish out the night, peacefully. And do not anger me again, or I will come down on you both like the end of days." Sunstar loved Mars and Terra, they were his most loyal and powerful, but he had replaced other Stardroids in the same standing as them for much smaller infractions. 

"the rules to this party are so basic, they are primitive. Prove to me that you can conduct yourselves as Gods or I will find someone that can." He had never raised a hand against Terra before, but at this moment he was just starting the Terran down. The heat from his gaze easily felt. 

Worst Mission Ever



"Perhaps, my lord," Mars speaks up, surprised at the audacity in what he intended to say, but a little satisfied by it too, "Being ordered to attend this festival was not the wisest course of action with the Deus watching. My forced compliance since I arrived is as much a violation of my customs as Terra’s assault on my dignity."

He looks sideways at the punier planet lord, satisfied with how disheveled he suddenly looked. “Mars has always protected Sol before all others, and will continue to do so with or without Duo’s interference. I fail to see how this ‘test’,” he plucks at the lapel of his dressings, “and our so-called failure, have any impact on our infinite years of service.”

Terra looks up at Mars in mild shock. He doesn’t jump to defend his Lord’s decision, after all it had made them both miserable. And that was saying it lightly. Even with his anger at Mars and bitterness at Sunstar, he stands taller and fixes his suit some. “I cannot help but agree with Mars. Even when it comes to the defense of our system.” If Mars had hoped to get anything from that, well Terra wouldn’t blame him. He wasn’t around for Earth’s first race. 

"Terrans were rarely war mongers. As were Mercurians, Saturnites, Plutonians. True we all learn to defend the system but Martians have always bested even Jovians at warfare. And once more, Mars brings up a valid point. How does one Earthling made party impact the years we have given you, Lord Sunstar? With all due respect." 

He couldn’t believe his ears, they were questioning him!? Since when did they do such things? Since when did Mars become so…so brazen about it!? “In the last couple of years, what has changed is your ranks. For the first time in centuries Mars shares a rank with you. He is no longer our subordinate, but your equal.”

His eyes were wide, and Terra and Mars could feel their God shaking with fury. He wanted nothing more then to kill them both. “This party was to see if you could perform even the most basic of tasks together civilly. I dare say you both  are in very poor standing with me. Mars, I know much has changed for you, and for your planet. But do not think for a second that I wont kill you and let your eldest take your place!” 

He points at Terra. “And you, I will not tolerate your attitude, you are not a child! I wanted Duo to see that the Stardroids are capable of humility when the need arises.” He puts his face in his hands. “I should have just put Saturn in charge of this, at least he IS a child.” 

"Do you have so little Faith in me these days that you would honestly question me? You would test my love and respect for you both with second guesses?" Sunstar looks between then, his hands closing into fists. 

Worst Mission Ever



Mars’ growl diminished only as Sunstar spoke. He’d been entirely expecting his master to appear some time before he threw Terra clear over his shoulder, and was only marginally lad he did so before Mars made a decision that would have gotten part of him incinerated.

With a defiant extra few seconds of holding Terra aloft, Mars throws him downward. He knew better than to simply let go. Terra wouldn’t have crumbled, but hovered. And he wanted to at least cause some damage to his dignity.

Mars turns from him and bows to Lord Sunstar. “Forgive me my liege,” and only me, he thought, “Terra’s provocation was more than I could ignore. The lack of activity has impaired his judgement.”

True he did stumble, and Mars received a glare from it. He quickly straightened and bowed as well, his hand over his chest in a more elegant bow. “My apologies, Lord Sunstar.” ‘You set this up, I do not need forgiveness.’ His bow and tone masked his bitterness. He almost hoped Sunstar would let them fight. Seeing how ‘bored’ he said he was.

While a thousand insults went through his mind, he bit his tongue and held them in. “I have no excuse for my behavior. Perhaps Mars is even right; I have very little to do. It can drive the more intelligent beings to insanity.” Okay maybe a small quip. One he had no doubt would fly over Mars’ head but anger his Lord.

Sunstar looks at them both and fixes his own clothing. “Terra, I understand your dislike for Mars, but blatant disregard for his customs is only sinking to a low level. I think better of you then that, even if you are bored.” He wanted to beat the shit out of both of them, but he refrained. 

"And you Mars, I expected you to at least take this seriously. I need you both to find mutual ground. There is a creature living on this planet capable of destroying everything I have built. I need my two best commanders united. This was a test, and one you have failed miserably." His frown deepens. "If I did not think there was anyone better I would replace both of you by stripping you of your ranks." 

"If you cant go to a simple party, how can I trust you with the care of my Star and System?" 

Worst Mission Ever



Now Mars was as alien as alien could be from Terra’s wretched little mudball and her confused string of “cultures” and “races”, but Sunstar and his right hand both were fans enough of certain earth behaviors that he was perfectly aware ofwhat was being done to him and the significance behind it. And he was very very aware of how completely repulsive it felt.

Before Terra gets so much as half a second with that contact Mars has the front of his uniform balled in his ham-sized claws, more than firmly enough to tear several holes in it, and shoves him at arms length. A good distance for Terra to watch Mars’ eyes shift from blue on white to red on black as the deepest growl bubbled in his throat. Orders be damned, the little imp was not getting away with that.

Oh thank the stars Mars reacted faster than he expected. If he made it home alive, injured or not, the first thing he was going to do was drink a gallon of mouthwash and bath immediately. As much as he hated himself for this plan, he couldn’t help the grin that grew on his lips. “Now now, play nice Mars. Our Lord is watching after all.” 

He knew it would do absolutely nothing to save his skin. But the taunt felt so nice after a whole night stuck with this beast as a ‘date’. The only downside he saw was the nice suit with new holes in it. This was one of the few suits he owned! The grin drops and he hisses under his breath. “What are you going to do, bite my head off? Tear off my arm again? That went so well last time.” 

Sunstar reacted, suddenly behind Mars and his strong hand gripped the back of the Gods neck like you would a puppy. His fingers digging a little, his on eyes bright. “Mars, Terra. I expect you to act as representatives here, not children!” He hisses. 

"Terra, how dare you cross Mar’s space in such a manner, you know his people do not do such things. And Mars, stop antagonizing him!!!" He looks at them both. "Let Terra go, Mars. I am disappointed in both of you!" He keeps his voice low, not wanting to disturb the party, or attract the attention of Duo. 

terra-srn-001 asked:

>Commander Mars and I are ready to depart, My Lord. Also, you may want to see this, we're getting along just as you wished.



>I’ve been watching all night, and drinking, and trying to remember that my date is just unfortunately shaped when he’s not battling. I’m bored. Everything is boring. 

>Well, forgive me my Lord but your loss. I am not going to kiss him all night until you look closer. 

>I can only go so long before an attempt on my life is made rules or not.

>My loss? 

>Bold words to say to me, Terra. Would you like me to look closer? 


"Yes." He replies simply at first— "I would like one of the small ones, housed in the inverted glass cones on the thin stands."— and then far less simply, in his wordy vernacular for "martini". Duo didn’t seem at all disappointed with the party, Sunstar should be able to see that Duo was pleased in his own stoic, robotic sort of way, but Duo was so deliberate about every little thing… Duo needed to loosen up, and it was a reasonable doubt that alcohol might not have any sort of effect on his strange physiology. Would Sunstar know how to introduce such a party-going concept to him?

"Perhaps soon I’ll find Plantman again, and ask if he could use my hand in securing the integrity of this gathering’s rules.” …One could only hope.

"Martini?" He clarifies, watching Duo closely. "For a very old God, you do not keep up with current events do you? Also you want to go from a party guest to security? By the Stars, I’m going to need something stronger." He mumbles as he walks off to the bar. 

Spying Terra and Mars at the dance, all he could do was watch with amusement and then a sudden jealousy as he turns to the primitive bar robot. “Two Manhattans, on the rocks, 4 fingers.” He returns to Duo’s side and hands him this drink. 

"Here, drink this." He downs his, before snapping his fingers and his glass refills so he can down it again. "Earth parties." He scoffs. 

terra-srn-001 asked:

>Commander Mars and I are ready to depart, My Lord. Also, you may want to see this, we're getting along just as you wished.

>I’ve been watching all night, and drinking, and trying to remember that my date is just unfortunately shaped when he’s not battling. I’m bored. Everything is boring. 


"Fascinating." Duo remarks as he stands amidst the robot garden party, joined by the solar system’s monarch, Sungod Sunstar himself… But only Duo could still look so much larger than life compared to living engine of many planets, in both his eerily humble yet powerful presence, and sheer physical stature., proportionately, he looked goofier than ever in his specially tailored suit provided by his prom date. As always there was the single hand meant for what might be a much larger space entity that Duo embodied one half of, but then there was his wrecking-ball chest. However, Duo didn’t seem self-conscious about it. Either he knew he was above it, or he was simply oblivious to the concept of 'haha what the fuck.'

"Were you acquainted with our host before now?" Duo’s head turned to peer down at Sunstar beside him. "I hadn’t known of robots being so acute to planetary nature before. There is a good natural energy here."

Sunstar was dressed in his usual pure white suit, his fiery hair tamed down into a more human looking pony tail as he looked around. His white skin glowing softly giving him a very ‘lightbulb’ look. “Yes, I know the robot that created this scape. His name is Plantman, he is very good at what he does.” He turned to watch all the guests mingle, the last time he’d come to a party it hadn’t ended as well as one would hope. 

He also looked around to see if he could spot Mars and Terra, or possibly Apollo. His blue mate was lazy as ever, lounging somewhere no doubt, the giant gold digger. He looks up at Duo, taking in the giant space warrior again, he’d tried his best. But there wasn’t much you could do when you had a chicken wing and a giant fist to work with sometimes. Human styles didn’t work so well in that regard, Martian would. But this was an earth formal. “At these types of parties you enjoy yourself.” He snaps towards the bar. “I’m going to get a drink, do you want one?” 

duodecosmos asked:

Apologies if I've said it before. Or haven't. Memory fails me within this man-made shell. I permit you and your charges to visit Earth and humanity if it is done peacefully. No one needs to fret about my protection, a key to humanity's growth is exposure to its planetary neighbors. This seemed appropriate to note you of, given the coming.. er.. "Prom" event, in which aliens are notably invited. *Duo's still scratching his head over the meaning of it.*

Are you asking me to the annual synthetic party? You know they host this once a earth year. And we have all attended each time, obeying the rules laid down. I am if anything, lawful. 

But if you asking me to the prom. I accept. 

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